Thomas Weigand of Doylestown PA on Big Projects: Know When to Call A Professional

Thomas Weigand

January 22, 2021

Thomas Weigand of Doylestown PA

The National Safety Council publishes its Top 10 Preventable Injuries in the home for 2018. The NSC research reveals that from 1990 to 2018, a shocking rise in injuries and accidental deaths in the home. Accidental falls rank in the top 3 injury-related deaths. Overall, 500,000 people injure themselves by falling from ladders every year. Tom Weigand Doylestown PA, owner of Tom the Handyman thinks he can do something about that.

The higher you climb, the riskier the project, let Thomas Weigand Doylestown PA do it.

Think twice about using that old wooden ladder. Cleaning the gutters can take time and effort. Painting a 3rd story awning should give most homeowners safety concerns. If your instincts give you a moment’s hesitation, call Tom The Handyman in Doylestown PA.

Some projects are better left to the pros. Thomas Weigand Doylestown PA has experience.

Cutting costs on home improvements is a great idea. DIY folks have already saved money by taking on home projects. Electrical work, air conditioning repair, and plumbing require skilled professionals. HVAC technicians and electricians take classes to ensure they perform work properly. Mold removal may cause health problems if not done properly. DIY projects save money, but not if they result in injury. Call the expert Thomas Weigand of Doylestown, PA. Do not let DIY projects become more costly because of an accident.

Projects can break the bank if they must be done a second time. Tom can fix it.

Cost overruns occur when home improvements fail. Hiring an unqualified person or doing it yourself can yield disappointing results. Painting and plumbing are two examples. Professional painters “cut in” work with amazing attention to detail. Plumbers have a special touch, solving problems while avoiding damage. Call Tom Weigand Doylestown PA. He will keep prices reasonable and meet expectations.

Let Tom The Handyman bring experience to home improvement projects of various sizes. Tom Weigand, owner of Tom The Handyman in Doylestown PA, can take the danger out of risky projects. Tom is a pro and will complete the job correctly the first time. Tom actively takes part within the Doylestown community. He is available when citizens of Doylestown, PA, need him.

Owner and Operator Thomas Weigand Doylestown PA works with citizens of his community for a decade. Local citizens rely on Thomas Weigand Doylestown PA for projects of any size. Owner Thomas Weigand is a husband and proud father. Between projects, Tom is engaged in supporting his community. Tom serves as a commissioner of the Suburban Travel Baseball League for over 20 years.

For Inquiries about a project, Tom is always willing to help. Call Today (215) 489-8874. Reach Tom by email at [email protected] or visit Tom’s website at