Thomas Weigand on the Importance of Preparing Your Home for Winter

Thomas Weigand

February 5, 2021

Thomas Weigand, known for nearly a decade as Tom The Handyman, serves Doylestown, PA. Thomas Weigand Doylestown, PA, a husband, and father, has owned and operated Tom The Handyman for more than eight years, working on home and business owners’ projects, large or small. With skills ranging from plumbing and heating to electrical work and general contracting, Thomas Weigand is now informing people how they can prepare their homes for oncoming winter weather.

The Source of the Heat

First of all, Thomas Weigand stresses the importance of having your heating source checked out by a professional before winter begins to ensure it’s working correctly. This includes having your furnace or heat pump inspected and any necessary repairs made before the first snowfall or major drop in temperature.

Flip a Switch

Thomas Weigand, who is very active in the Doylestown community recommends that homeowners flip the reverse switch on their ceiling fans if one is in place. This will push air down into the room through an updraft, keeping your home warmer.

Insulation is Important

To prevent icicles from forming on the outside of your house, Thomas Weigand recommends having a handyman ensure that your attic has plenty of insulation and fix any leaks to prevent ice formation or from water leaking into your home.

Caulk It

Thomas Weigand of Doylestown stresses the importance of caulking around doors and windows to prevent cold air from coming in and heated air from escaping. This will help save money on utility bills, and everyone will stay warmer, even during the most frigid temperatures.

Roofing and Gutters

Thomas Weigand said that checking the roof of a home or business is essential before winter starts. A handyman should inspect the roof for any loose or missing shingles that could promote leaking when snow is melting as temperatures fluctuate throughout the winter months. Thomas Weigand said gutters should also be inspected and any debris in them removed so melting snow and rain can flow freely without causing any major flooding through the property.

For these types of services in the Doylestown, PA area, call or email Thomas Weigand today for all of your home and business repair and maintenance needs.